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 is a Web based medical procedure and diagnosis lookup tool.  Simple to use, it helps medical practices make sure their claims are accurate.  It features the latest CPT┬« , HCPCS and ICD-9-CM code sets and Medicare coding guidelines. >> Learn more

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Online Subscription Features:

  1. Up-to-Date Medical Coding Data at your Fingertips
  2. Corrective Coding Initiative - CCI
  3. ICD-9
  4. ICD-10 for 2014 (coming soon)
  5. Simple, Easy to Use and Accurate. 
  6. Developed by Team of Medical Experts with 27 years experience.
  7. Faster Precise Coding Techniques for less than $1.00 a day
  8. Medical Necessity, Procedures and Matching Diagnoses
  9. Medicare Fee Schedules, and Local Coverage Determination
  10. RBRVS for Stucturing Fee Schedules
  11. Inclusive/Exclusive Procedures to Detect Bundling
  12. Modifiers for correct coding



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